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sly cooper made his way into my life in 2004 and, after the devastation of hurricane katrina and my move across half the country, he was one of the only things i had to hold onto 

to this day i remain a dedicated fan to the franchise, the story, the teams behind all the games, and kevin miller, who truly brought sly to life with an unforgettable voice

so here, i present to you the best sly cooper i have ever drawn



So I guess I apparently wanted to make myself sad….. I had this idea that a few months after Sly disappeared, Carmelita was going through their closet and she found a couple of things hidden on the top shelf from Sly.

Turns out he was going to propose to her and finally officially tell her the truth about faking amnesia. Just in case she would be angry enough to chase him out, he wrote a letter explaining everything and that if she was still angry and chose not to accept his proposal he would understand. Carmelita read it and finally broke down.

Bro, that hurts.

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